Case study: Upgrading saves company $3,000 over 5 years

Company Saves $3,000.00 in 5 Years with Hagan Business Machines!

This company had an inexpensive Canon copier with high priced supplies making 15,000 copies per year.  With a Multifunction Copier, Maintenance and Supplies from Hagan this customer saves $3,000.00.

Here’s how it works:

Cost of toner for the Canon Copier $1,200.00 per year
Cost of a Copier from Hagan $1,495.00 one-time expense
Cost of Maintenance Agreement $  300.00 per year
5 Year Cost Comparison
Canon copier $6,000.00 total cost for toner
Copier from Hagan $2,995.00 total cost for copier, toner and service

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