Case study: Leasing saves company over $10,000 every year

This company had an HP Multifunctional Copier with an annual volume of 180,000 copies per year.

We supplied a Copier, Maintenance and Supplies and saved them thousands of dollars each year.

Here’s how the savings worked:

Cost of toner for the HP Copier $5,060.00 for one year
Cost of leasing equipment from Hagan $1,522.00 per year
Cost of maintenance agreement $2,160.00 per year
Total cost per year with Hagan $3,682.00 per year
Savings on one machine every year $1,378.00

This company has six branches with similar situations. They replaced most of their copiers and printers that used high priced supplies with cost effective equipment from Hagan Business Machines of Butler, Inc.. saving themselves over $10,000 every year.

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