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FAQ: HP printer supplies and service

From our mailbag:

Q: I know you work on copiers. Can you help me with my HP printer?

A: Yes, we provide parts and service for HP laser printers. We also have toner cartridges at very competitive prices. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.


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FAQ: Failing faxes

From our mailbag:

Q: I am trying to send a fax to someone and the fax keeps failing. What’s wrong?

A: It might be a problem on the receiving end. Try calling the recipient’s fax number from your phone.  If you hear ringing instead of fax tones, the fax machine is offline or isn’t interpreting the fax signal correctly. Let the person you’re sending the fax to know they need to check their fax machine.

Do you have a question for the experts at Hagan Business Machines? Send it in using the form in the sidebar, and we’ll do our best to answer you directly by email.

Mobile printing is here, and so easy!

With Kyocera’s Mobile Print, you’ll finally have print capabilities to match your on-the-go work style. Frequent travel, working between multiple locations and virtual offices bring new demands for on-the-go access to files and documents.

Kyocera Mobile Print is a free app that enables users to securely print documents, web pages, images — as well as copy and print text from a clipboard — on demand from virtually anywhere, on their Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices to select Kyocera MFPs and printers. Take a look at all the features of this powerful business application.

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Case study: Company consolidates office equipment services, saves time and money

Company Saves Time and Money with Hagan Business Machines!

We service this companies copier but they did not have us service their Printers, Shredders or Folding Machine. They also did not know we sell quality guaranteed Printer Supplies.

We worked with them to create a total office equipment maintenance and supply plan that perfectly fit their needs. Now they have just one number to call for any office equipment issue.

Calling Hagan Business Machines of Butler, Inc. saves them time searching for supplies and costs of service for most of their office equipment. Plus, now they know they have service that they trust.

Working with a Single Vendor Saves You Time and Money

  • Less Time Searching for Service Vendors
  • Less Time Shopping for Supplies
  • Less Service Worries with Service you can Trust!

Case study: Upgrading saves company $3,000 over 5 years

Company Saves $3,000.00 in 5 Years with Hagan Business Machines!

This company had an inexpensive Canon copier with high priced supplies making 15,000 copies per year.  With a Multifunction Copier, Maintenance and Supplies from Hagan this customer saves $3,000.00.

Here’s how it works:

Cost of toner for the Canon Copier $1,200.00 per year
Cost of a Copier from Hagan $1,495.00 one-time expense
Cost of Maintenance Agreement $  300.00 per year
5 Year Cost Comparison
Canon copier $6,000.00 total cost for toner
Copier from Hagan $2,995.00 total cost for copier, toner and service

Call us today to find out how much we can save for you.

Case study: Leasing saves company over $10,000 every year

This company had an HP Multifunctional Copier with an annual volume of 180,000 copies per year.

We supplied a Copier, Maintenance and Supplies and saved them thousands of dollars each year.

Here’s how the savings worked:

Cost of toner for the HP Copier $5,060.00 for one year
Cost of leasing equipment from Hagan $1,522.00 per year
Cost of maintenance agreement $2,160.00 per year
Total cost per year with Hagan $3,682.00 per year
Savings on one machine every year $1,378.00

This company has six branches with similar situations. They replaced most of their copiers and printers that used high priced supplies with cost effective equipment from Hagan Business Machines of Butler, Inc.. saving themselves over $10,000 every year.

Call us today to find out how much we can save for you.

Beware of Fraudulent Telemarketers

Many Toshiba customers will be approached or called upon by fraudulent telemarketers (a.k.a. toner phoners) who may mislead you into buying toner or other office supplies at outrageously inflated prices.

To avoid being "scammed," watch out for:

  • unfamiliar callers who may pose as your regular supplier;
  • an offer you must act on today;
  • a caller who may ask for a credit card, copier system serial number, or even your social security number.

Always ask for a written offer and make sure the exact quantity is specified.

If you have been victimized by a fraudulent telemarketer, report the crime to either your State Attorney General’s office, or contact the Federal Trade Commission via their website http://www.ftc.gov. Or contact Toshiba at (949) 462-6993 and we will report the crime for you. By reporting the crime, you can help law enforcement offices prosecute fraudulent telemarketers.


PA COSTARS is available for “Local Public Procurement Units” such as

  • any political subdivision
  • any public authority
  • any tax exempt, nonprofit education or public health institution or organization
  • any nonprofit fire company, nonprofit rescue company, nonprofit ambulance company
  • and to the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of government or an area government, that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services

Save time and money purchasing through PA COSTARS!

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