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We are an authorized Copystar dealer, providing network-ready digital copiers/printers, laser printers, color copiers/printers, digital laser facsimiles, multifunctional and wide format imaging solutions.

We also proudly offer Kyocera printers and copiers. And we offer full lines of Muratec copiers, and fax machines, including color equipment and multi-function solutions. And we provide Formax shredders, folders, and inserters.

We work closely with you to discover the right solution for your office and your needs — neither too small nor too big. Then we show you how to use it for greatest efficiency, so you’ll get the most from your investment.

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Equipment Purchase

If you’re interested in a new equipment purchase, we can help you find financing options to fit your budget. We help you choose a machine that will be cost-effective over the lifetime of the equipment. And of course, we cover all new equipment with our no-fail warranty, and give you your choice of maintenance and service contracts.

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Leasing can be an effective way to acquire the equipment your business needs.

  • Leasing Conserves Capital: Leasing eases the strain on working capital by providing 100% financing. This means that you have more money available to invest in Profit Generating activities. It converts a large cash sale price into a low, affordable, tax deductible monthly payment.
  • Leasing Provides Total Financing: Leasing offers 100% financing, and unlike a bank loan, requires no down payment. Some soft costs such as maintenance contracts can be included in a lease to lock in a cost per copy to protect against inflation.
  • Leasing Overcomes Budget Limitations and Guards Against Obsolescence: Lease payments are often lower than purchase installments, making the most of your current budgets. This allows you to acquire the equipment needed to meet current demands, rather than being forced to work with outdated or inferior equipment.
  • Leasing Lessens the Impact of Inflation: Through leasing, you can offset inflation with fixed lease payments. You can acquire the equipment you need at today’s prices, and pay for it with tomorrows, less valuable dollars. The monthly payment may be 100% tax deductible as an operating expense.

We can help you weigh the choice between buying and leasing. Call us today for details.

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If you need a piece of equipment for a short period, consider renting. We offer cost-effective rental plans with flexible terms for many solutions. Our rentals are available with a one-month minimum, and we can work with you to determine your best options.

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